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About Us

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”

Leo Tolstoy

Working With Us

We are a marketing firm based in small town Colorado designed to help small business owners (less than five employees) get more leads and more customers through the door.

We don’t hang up on the phone on you at 5 pm. Know that you’ll be treated with respect if you decide to work with us.

We don’t provide projections or guarantees on our work because previous tactics,consumer behavior, algorithm changes and competitor action all play in part in your traffic. All those things are not entirely in our control.

We make your phone ring. 


Provide our customer, small business owners, with the best solution and value to solve marketing and lead generation problems.



Be a respected market leader and help a million small business owners on the journey to being successful.

Our Ten Commandments

1. We love small business owners.

Whether you’re just starting out or really have made it with a multi-million-dollar business, we respect you for bootstrapping at the beginning and climbing your way to success through self-employment. We are honored to help you on the journey to success.

2. We help you change your perspective to the problem to find a solution.

Sometimes all it takes is a different approach to solving your lead generation problem. We brainstorm and create custom built solutions and strategies to help your business reach its goals.

3. We are ethical, appropriate, and respectful.

We don’t hang up on you at 5 pm, as we’ve seen with other competitors. We treat you with respect, because you’re a person too!

4. We are in this to help you succeed first.

The fact is that our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to succeed.  When we focus on helping you succeed, our eventual payoff will always be far greater than your investment.

 5. We do what’s right for the client and our business. They’re not different things.

We won’t use misguided strategies or humor ridiculous requests from clients when we know that strategy won’t work. We will argue with a client instead of wasting her money.

6. Proactively deliver bad news.

We will tell you when something’s going wrong and what changes need to be made. Our job is to keep clients informed.

7. We are organized and systematic in our approach.

We won’t do Facebook one day and then jump to Pinterest the next. There is an organized, analytical way to approach marketing and we don’t jump from one system to another hoping the next new thing will work. We use tried and true approaches to marketing for you.

8. Done is better than perfect.

Push forward on delivering the project and make incremental progress as necessary. The perfect unpublished website doesn’t drive your business forward.

9. We are responsible for our clients’ livelihoods.

How well we do tells you whether you’ll be able to pay your car payment, phone bill, and mortgage.

10. Engage in ethical marketing.

We are in business for the long term, as are you.

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Theia is an Denver digital marketing strategy agency. We provide marketing strategy, web design, graphic design, content marketing, email marketing and social media.

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